Saturday, December 15, 2018

On December 26th 2018 to January 8th 2019, Asfalttelegrafen is back on air on 1476 kHz
Hello there, AM radio listeners!
I would like to thank you all for the response you have sent me, regarding my radio station Asfalttelegrafen on 1593 kHz. Some people say my station has already made history, not only because I am a private person transmitting on medium wave, but also because of the fact that The National Library of Sweden requires copies of my broadcasts. I think that is kind of cool. :)
The thing is, I had been thinking for a while about developing my interest in medium wave and applying for a temporary broadcast license on the mediun wave band. I wanted to start a local radio station and broadcast mainly rock music combined with political messages, in connection with the Swedish general election which took place in September. I wanted to play music that is usually not played on mainstream radio stations. A contemporary version of Radio Luxembourg, Caroline, Seagull, 10 Gold etcera, if you will. I also wanted to include some Nordic rock that is usually unheard of. I made it happen, and it turns out this project was a success.
Therefore I am happy to inform you that I will broadcast again! Please note, that this time around I will be broadcasting on another frequency, 1476 kHz = 203 meters. I believe that 1476 will be a better frequency because of less interference coming from other radio stations in the EU. When I was transmitting on 1593 kHz, I was "outrivaled" by French and Romanian stations. A listener in southern Sweden suggested that I should consider 1476 kHz for my next broadcast project. I thought that was a good idea so I immediately started to plan for how to optimize my antenna for the new frequency. Although, Egypt and Iran are actually transmitting on 1476 kHz as well...
Anyhow, I once again applied for a new license with the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority and The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, and it was recently approved.
Here in Sweden it is dual license process for temporary broadcasts.
On December 26th 2018 to January 8th 2019, Asfalttelegrafen is back on air on 1476 kHz with 330 watt with plenty of rock music in a medium wave radio near you!
Stay tuned!
Best regards, Torleif Roos, Asfalttelegrafen. Boraas Sweden, 1476amsweden @ (14/12-2018)

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