Monday, August 2, 2021




If you would like to test how medium but also short wave reception is in the South of Italy live, you can now conveniently do this over the Internet with a new  KIWI SDR, located in Lama, a suburb of Taranto, the home of DX Fanzine.


Just copy this link on your browser and you can browse the whole band from 10kHz to 30MHz. The linked KIWI-SDR with a 50 metre vertical spiral antenna (from 1800 to 0400 UTC) and an active Loop antenna (from 0400 to 1800 UTC) can handle up to 8 users at the same time. It should be mentioned that this is the southernmost Kiwi SDR receiver in Italy (It’s ideal to hear the infamous Greek pirate stations in the range between 1.6 and 1,7 MHz which in this area of Europe are literally booming in!).


Until now shortwave radio enthusiasts not only from Italy but also from France, The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Greece, Qatar, Russia, Bulgaria, Chile, UK, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Sweden, Ukraine and Serbia have accessed the service. It gives us a lot of pleasure seeing so many people using the SDR’s, so long may it continue.

Supported by DX Fanzine, this new KIWI SDR is operated and maintained by IZ7HZV, (Italian Radio Amateur Emanuele La Diana). You can also use the web site of IZ7HZV to access our Kiwi SDR: The site as well as the Kiwi access page includes a “Donate” button.


Please donate if you possibly can, so that we can make our SDR site better than now. It is as easy as using your PayPal account and sending PayPal donations to the e-mail address appearing on the screen. A big thank you to everyone who has already donated to keep the IZ7HZV Kiwi’s in service, it is really appreciated.

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