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Utö logs and photos 9.5.2015

9.5.2015 Received in the Utö Island, by Sangean ATS-909, and 7 m indoor wire

3930 R. Batavia 21.30- 35333 D
3980LSB BSR 15.24- 25332 E
6265 R. Telstar (tent.) 17.59- 45343 D
6290 unid 18.27- 25332 mx
6300 unid 17.45- 35343 mx
6300 R. Verona 18.16- 35343 E, D
6380 unid 18.10- 35343 D
6385 unid 21.43- 45343 mx
6400 unid 18.05- 24332 mx
6424 Studio 52 (tent.) 18.08- 23332 mx
6950 Enterprise R. 20.32- 45343 It
6960LSB BSR 14.08- 25342 E
7280LSB BSR 15.42- 35343 E
7280AM? BSR 16.00- 32322 E,
6295 R. Boomerang 20.53- 45444 D, E 

 Utö Island photos:

Utö is a stronghold island, a lot of old and newer bunkers on the island.  
This helicopter field was also used when M/S Estonia sank,
many of the survivors and the dead were first taken to the island of Utö.
These three radars rotate all the time

Utö is a marine pilot base too, has been for about 300 years.

In the year 1939, the Utö fort battled against two Soviet battleships,
one of them presumably sank.
Utö was also attacked during the First World War, this time it was battleships
from the Imperial German navy, that attacked Utö in 1915.
Soldiers left the island a few years ago, but the devices are held in standby mode,
sometimes these guns are tested, such as in 2011:
M/V Torsholm ship wreck close to the shoreline of Utö, sank in 1967. 
A lot of ships have sunk in the nearby rocky waters.
This star-and-cross memorial at the south side of the island commemorates
 the wreck of the ship Draken, sank in 1929.
The ship ran aground on the reef of Örebåda during a storm.
Örebåda is a small rocky islet only 150 metres from the southernmost tip of Utö.
The sailors managed to get onto the rock, all except one, the ship’s carpenter,
who was washed away by the waves when he tried to board the lifeboat.
The sea raged with relentless force for about 36 hours and the islanders had no choice
 but to stand helplessly on the rocky shore looking down at the ten shipwrecked sailors.
When the sea finally calmed down and the islanders could go to Örebåda,
five of the men had perished, either drowned or frozen to death.
Park Victory commemorative candle holder in Utö Chapel,
on the candle holder are engraved the names of crew members
who perished in the accident,

 SS Park Victory sank on Christmas night 1947.
 Every Christmas Eve, the candles are lit in memory of the accident
 and the lives that were lost in it.

That window shows to the sinking place.

 More information about the Utö:

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