Monday, September 2, 2013

Low-power Radio Gramox launched on shortwave in Finland
"Radio Gramox has begun transmissions on 25760 kHz in the 11-meter shortwave band. The Finnish station broadcasts music from the 1920's to 1960's. Transmissions began today Sunday at 1000 UTC, and are set to continue 24/7. Radio Gramox operates on a license that limits transmitter power to a maximum of 50 watts, although currently only 20 watts is being used, says station owner and founder Pasi Komsi to The transmitter and a 7-meter-long whip antenna are located at his home in Hämeenkyrö in Western Finland. Next week Radio Gramox aims to launch a second shortwave transmitter in Tampere on 26090 kHz. Once the Tampere transmitter is operational, it will broadcast in the AM mode, and Hämeenkyrö will switch from current AM mode to SSB. Eventually we plan to use DRM, Komsi says. Right now programming is in Finnish, but Komsi tells that English-language programming will be needed for an international audience. Earlier this year the station launched a 50-watt transmitter in Tampere on 106.8 MHz FM. Radio Gramox can also be heard on the Internet. You can contact the station by email.
(, September 1, 2013)"

New information in Monday evening:

Broadcasts on 26090 kHz cancelled, 25760kHz continue on AM-mode.

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