Thursday, October 21, 2010

Radio Nord in Sveriges Radio P1

Yesterday Sveriges Radio P1 presented a documentary program pirate Radio Nord in swedish language but also some audio samples and music.
Today program is still possible to hear on this page.

Google translation from that page:
For many years, journalist Jan Kotschack stored boxes of his father Jack Kotschack scrapbooks in his attic. And during all those years, been asked why he did not write the story of Radio Nord's dramatic months of the pirate ship Bon Jour in the Baltic Sea 1961-62.

The program on Radio Nord, produced by Mikael Strömberg, based on the book Back off Jack! and is about a 50 - and 60 characterized by the visions - and the struggle between monopoly and free radio. In the end, forced the frie knees. The law has number 278, "with the ban in some cases for radio broadcasting in the open sea". Today the ship on the ocean floor off the lighthouse Long Sand.

It is a story with multiple layers. A portrait of a father as the author looks up to the subject, a critical analysis of social democratic media policy, a debate on entertainment and quality in which the Left sees the "evil commercialism" personified by Radio Nord's schedule. And not least, a whirling paper on American investors and a boat that despite full storm trying to send a decent radio.

In one corner: one financed by advertising, mobile broadcasting, which mixes Top-20 lists of short spots. In the second SR with lectures and chimes. Youth culture versus culture formation. Today's poem or Rock-o-hula Baby?

In the program, we meet several of those who were on the pirate ship: Ove Sjöström (technical director on board), Lars Nestius (newsmen) and Sten Hedman (dj).

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