Monday, May 5, 2008

SUMMERMEETING 27 untill 29 JUNE 2008!

Borderhunter SUMMERMEETING 27 untill 29 JUNE 2008!

Wow!! Time surely fly's when you have fun.

Greetings al my dear friends in Free Radio Short Wave land. Time
has come to announce briefly about the upcoming meeting here in the
Dutch/Belgian border area. Station operators and listeners are welcome.
As the meeting of last years was a huge
success, so is the reason to organize an other one. We will have
just as last years a Barbeque, Drinks, Fun and laughter and we hope
you will come as well.

The meeting will be taking place on the last weekend of June.
Friday 27th arrive the first visitors, Saterday the most and it
goes on non-stop untill Sunday afternoon.You can stay the night(s) over
in a huge tent with bed (take only a sleeping bag with you),
your own tent, car, camper or at a local hotel.
The exact place where it all will be happening will be announce
1 month before the meeting to those that want to come.
People who visit us earlyer know that we use a real nice place.

If you have intrest to visit this meeting please let us know by
e-mail or letter!!!!!!!

You can get more info on
Please forward this to your well-know hobyfriends.

Can say that we hope lots of Short-wave listeners and pirate
station operators will come. Can say that last years it was big
fun. Can say that that we hope lots of you will come. It's the
place to be! Greetings from the Borderhunter Summermeeting

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