Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chris Cary - R.I.P.

Chris Cary (Spangles Muldoon) passed away on Friday 29th February 2008, aged 61.
He was involved in many radio stations over the past 40 years including Radio Caroline, Radio Northsea International, Radio Luxembourg, Sunshine Radio, his own Irish station Radio Nova and Birmingham's Buzz FM, also one of the latest was Isle of Man long wave radio project.
a citation from
Radio Caroline page:
"One of the latest was to put a Long Wave transmitter on Ross Revenge and actually send a signal from the Isle of Man when everyone else who tried had failed to do so."

Now Chris Cary was putting Radio Nova on FM on the southern part of the Tenerife when he has suffered another stroke in the beginning of February.

Radio Nova is offline now.

Radio Nova was Britain's first satellite radio station in 1988:

Some Spangles Muldoon programmes recorded from Caroline and RNI is possible to find here:

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